Investment Planning

Karma Financial adopts an unbiased and ethical approach to your financial planning.

We offer tailor-made consultation and advice about keeping your business or personal objectives in mind. Our financial planning will help you realize your goals through a personalized and structured plan.

We will help you get the most out of your money, though a few simple tips and a structured approach. For one, we ensure that:

  • You focus on the long-term to get the best results.
  • You invest the right mix with a focus on your investment objectives, time horizon and risk tolerance.
  • Invest regularly to meet your financial goals faster.

Karma Financial builds a portfolio that caters to you. Your portfolio, detailed in your Financial Plan, will reflect your unique objectives, life circumstances, risk tolerance, time horizon, growth expectations, and liquidity requirements. We have partnered with top financial institutions in Canada to provide you a wide range of quality investments, automatic rebalancing, and tax minimization strategies.

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Initial Portfolio Assessment

Depending on your investment knowledge, you may have already invested your wealth. Karma Financial can review your existing investments and prepare an assessment of your existing portfolio to evaluate performance, sustainability and congruence with your goals and objectives.

An initial portfolio assessment would consider the following:

  • Your investment knowledge, experience, and goals
  • Your long term cash flow needs and investment time horizons
  • The level of risk or volatility you are willing to accept
  • The rate of return required to reach your financial objectives
  • The optimal asset mix
  • Your portfolio’s past performance in comparison to your long term required rate of return

We compare the results of our analysis to your investment plan to see where your portfolio is performing well and identify areas for improvement or rebalancing.

Managed Assets

High net worth investors may not get adequate time to handle their portfolio and make proper investments. We offer comprehensive investment management solutions customized for each client based on their needs.

Portfolio Funds

Are you a first-time investor with little or no investment knowledge?

Let us help you drive towards a prospective future with our tailor-made financial planning for beginners. We ensure that you meet your financial goals and establish a financially secure future.

Segregated Funds

Seg funds can be a great investment option. They combine many of the features of a mutual fund along with elements of an insurance contract. They include guarantees and advantages that are not available with traditional mutual funds, including guarantee of principal upon maturity or death, lock-in market gains, creditor protection and avoid of probate. We offer a wide range of Seg funds including the US, Canadian, International and fixed income options to satisfy your financial objectives.

Self-Managed ETF Portfolio

If you are looking to shift your investments from traditional mutual funds to low-fee, index-oriented exchange-traded funds (ETFs), Karma Financial can help.

We have access to several cost-efficient ETF portfolios that are 1/3 the cost of traditional mutual funds. Unlike mutual funds, ETFs do not include embedded trailer fees. The funds are self-managed, which means we provide you the access and you can setup your own ETF accounts in as little as 10 minutes from your own computer.

Private Investment Portfolios

For High-Net-Worth investors or investors looking to diversify into alternative classes, Karma Financial provides access to Private Investment Pools. These pools provide diversification similar to institutional investors, stable income and are not as affected by market volatility, and are cost-efficient.

Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)

Many people base their investment on their personal values and not just for monetary gains. We offer a diverse range of Socially Responsible Investing options that meet your financial goals and inspirations in life.

Charitable Donation Program

Do you want to make a difference by giving back to the community?

We can help you donate to charity by making the process easier. You can also enjoy benefits such a tax-free donations by following our consultation.

We Help You Plan for Your Future

Our investment solutions do not focus on short-term gains- we consider your whole life and overall objectives along with your preferences and dreams to come up with the best investment strategy. We invest enough time to understand your needs and constantly evaluate the strategy to make room for market changes and profitability.