“We have known Viren for the past nine years and find him to be a very knowledgeable and competent individual. He is trustworthy, communicates well and understands our financial needs and matches them with suitable tools very well. We find him to be very reliable, a confidante for financial matters. Prior to knowing him, Joy or I had no long term income protection or education savings plan for our kids. I was not sure I would even qualify for life insurance myself but Viren was able to find something that fit both our needs. After being introduced to him, my financial life has stabilized and improved tremendously over time. My children’s education is looked after and we both have sufficient life insurance coverage to ensure our family’s needs are taken care of in the event of one of us passing away. I feel that he always has his clients’ wellbeing in mind rather than the pushing of products and services to simply close a sale.”

Joy and Franz Wellington

Viren did a great job on the application for our landlord/carpet sales risk. Even after we made some adjustments to the quote, he was able to confirm for the client that this was in their best interests and bind coverage. Way to go!

Kelly McLeod, Underwriting Department at Cooperaters

Viren is very professional and has helped me with my personal financial assessment. His insights and strategic planning reflected his knowledge and empathy towards what was best for my situation. I would highly recommend him.

David DeVeau

Viren spent a fair amount of time to understand my situation and my objectives and in the end came up with a plan that suited my needs. What I appreciate the most is his flexibility and the fact that he wants to build a relationship with his clients rather than just trying to sell a service.

Rafael Barreto