Our Approach

The Karma Financial Approach

We know financial planning takes time. We understand that it’s individual and business driven, and different for everyone. Don’t worry – we offer one of the simplest approaches to financial planning to help you meet your financial goals.

At Karma Financial we adopt a step-by-step plan to secure your financial future. Let’s go through our proven and client-friendly process of consultation to give you an idea of how we work.

We Invest in Understanding Your Needs

Each individual or business owner is different and comes with a unique set of challenges. We invest enough time to understand the specific pain point and requirement of each and every client. Only with a proper understanding of your needs, can we come up with a solid financial plan.

Determine your Financial Goals

All individuals and business owners have different financial goals. Whether your goal is income protection, estate planning or protecting your retirement nest egg, we get to know and evaluate your specific goals to come up with the optimal plan.

Create a Unique Plan

Based on the unique needs of the business or individual, we come up with an innovative plan that is robust and stands the test of time.

Evaluate Options

With our experience and understanding of the market, we offer consultation on the best financial solutions for you, which include investment options, life insurance coverage and living benefits.

Lifetime Roadmap for Success

Our work does not end with a one-time consultation! This is a long-term relationship between you and Karma Financial. We help you establish a financially secure future with a customized lifetime roadmap for success - with detailed steps to consolidate your wealth, by providing financial planning, investment, tax and estate planning, all under one roadmap for success.